Village kilana, Kurdistan

به گزارش وبلاگ ساختمان، Tourismonline: Village kilana In the central part of the Western City of Sanandaj in the 20 km South is located in the province of Kurdistan. The village has a population of 355 households and 1550. Surrounding villages include kilana village: karaci - malekshan - zenan - karjoo - dane - Hasan Abad And Kani meshkan

Village kilana, Kurdistan

Geography of the village kilana, It is for this reason that the word kilana means flower waters and aromatic and place the celebration and joy and Ghadimolayam That is approximately 2,500 years the name daemon which means lush and blooming, it has to be.

The ancient village of kilana can be found the Hill graveyard, and daemon and old companions in the territory of this village pointed out.

Very old and kilana village mosque dating back almost 1,400 years ago has no water goes back the Mosque but in ancient times, i.e. in about 1300, the personal name of the great scholars of the time, Mustafa, was a spring water to have names kani dar and kani laya Thats the opposite were also connects with the old stoneware pipes called The capacity The length of 3 km to navigation inside the mosque, and in 1996 the mosque was rebuilt by the villagers.

Master skilled farmers to plant native to dyeing of natural ingredients in a large earthenware crock or large digesters to name Ghazan They do have a variety of yarn, wool, cotton and clothing were the stained-glass Windows.

In the womens draw was the old village of mining settlements, called their homes like his herd to todays beautification used plaster and white paint to the soil in the hills or mountain pass, there was Ali, and she is the preparation method for very soft and watery, which was white and the rooms of the soil around the village where the mountain nsar was red for the elegance of the border worked more In the expression hnav said.

The spring inside the village of kilana includes: chvka - kani sardah - howz sheikh - kani hawas - kani gowes - kani lar and kani khatooni That they are inside the settlements.

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